Chicken Fu – Dak Galbi style.

Sunday night. I was just waking up from a nap I needed in recovery of a hectic Saturday night and my appetite started kicking in. A quick check on the blackberry shows a few missed calls and bbms (btw, if you haven’t tried out the unoffical bbm 5.0, try it now). I start the round of callbacks and the first person happens to ask me if I want to try dakgalbi.

Although I’ve heard many of my friends talk about dakgalbi (roughly translates to chicken ribs), I’ve never had the opportunity to go. CS mentioned it was her favorite place for chicken so naturally I was curious as to what her tastes were like. Yea, screw calling back the rest of these people. I’m gonna go eat dakgalbi!

When I’d got to the restaurant, CS had already ordered and the dakgalbi was already on the grill. At first glance, it didn’t seem like much. Then again, I would’ve been happy eating whatever was thrown at me at this point, cooked or raw.

dakgalbi 7-19-09(Pictured: chicken, rice cake, carrots, and sweet potato)

At this point, I’m collecting my drool in a cup of ice because I’m growing hungrier by the second (I exaggerate, but I sure as hell could have). Salmonella, which is one of the very few food-related things I fear, prevents me from just taking samples as the chicken cooks. After a few more minutes on the pan, the server comes by and adds a few more ingredients.

dakgalbi2 7-19-09(Cabbage, onions, and chili sauce in the mix)

dakgalbi 3 7-19-09(Sesame leaves and green onion joins the party)

And, in it’s somewhat finished state,

dakgalbi4 7-19-09

At this place, they come by when you’re almost done and make bokkumbap out of some of your “leftovers.” This extra touch isn’t exclusive to this location, but it’s nice to know they put in that little extra.

dakgalbi 7-19-09

For two people, I think we did a fair amount of damage. I’m not as prone to my old ways of eating monstrous amounts as I used to be, so there were some leftovers.

And now here I am. Still needing to call back some people, but fairly satiated. I’d taken a few bits of food off the Dino’s I picked up for my brother while meeting Danny there.

This place reasonably hit the spot. It was ok. Worth a try, but honestly I can’t say it was something to rave over. It was nice how we could specify the spice level of the food (CS learned that I wasn’t kidding when I told her I can eat pretty spicy, to a level some of you might be well aware of). The sides were average, as was the service. Everyone else in the restaurant (two other tables) got aprons except us. I have to wonder if it’s because I was dressed so comfortably in my basketball shorts and t-shirt while everyone else was in their khakis and polos.

Now I really want to try the other dakgalbi place a couple people mentioned, just to see how good this can get. There’s nothing I can really compare this to so there wont be any rating on my scale, for now.

Dakgalbi (Sign is only in Korean)
3078 W Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Parking is street/metered/valet.

Average cost per person: $20

Eat well, live well.

-Aaron aka thefooddude


One response to “Chicken Fu – Dak Galbi style.

  1. wow, this looks really good. i hope this blog doesn’t die out, my blog is practically dead.

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