thehungrydude’s Kryptonite #1: Yoshinoya

Beef & Chicken Combo Bowl with spicy sauce and no skin

Beef & Chicken Combo Bowl with spicy sauce and no skin

Everyone has that ONE, or TWO kryptonite ghetto meals they crave once in awhile. It’s that one thing that no matter how many calories it may have or how bad it may be for your health, you HAVE to eat it at least once a week, or once a month, or once a year. But you have to have it. For me, I have several ghetto joints that I crave for but this one takes the number 1 spot.


I know. This is not what you expected from a food blog. You’re thinking, “YOSHINOYA?!? Did thehungrydude already run out of material for this blog?!?! It’s only day 2!!!”

I really believe Yoshinoya deserves its own entry. Seriously. Any Yoshinoya fans out there? This is my ghetto kryptonite. I can’t deny it. I WON’T deny it.

So what do I order? I order the Beef & Chicken Combo bowl with spicy sauce and no skin. They used to make their own spicy sauce but now they just add cayenne pepper to the teriyaki sauce. And “no skin” meaning I want the chicken “skinless”. Simple right? For some reason, eating the chicken without the skin makes me feel like I’m eating a LITTLE bit more healthier. Then I shower it with their seasoning. Lastly, I pile on a whole lotta ginger. Look at the picture above. That’s taken with my Blackberry. Not bad eh? Maybe one day I’ll start a Blackberry pictures blog. Woops, got off track. Thanks ADD! Anyways, if stomach willing, I’ll get the combo with a cheesecake. For some reason, the cheesecake COMPLETES the meal.

Wash that meal down with some Diet Pepsi(once again, trying to justify eating a 1000+ calorie meal) and I’m good to go. Of course, I’ll have indigestion and heart burn all day but I won’t remember that the next time I crave Yoshinoya.

Til next time, ciao!

“I eat to live to eat again!” – danny aka thehungrydude

P.S. By the way, two people that read my entry about Dino’s is at Dino’s right now devouring the chicken plate. Dino’s, you can thank me later. Maybe an advertisement on our blog? Or a free chicken plate? Or two? A soda maybe? lol


11 responses to “thehungrydude’s Kryptonite #1: Yoshinoya

  1. I’m pissed off! There’s no yoshinoya in SF. ARGH!!!!

  2. i smell franchise opportunity. that and the pizza i just ordered. o snap!

  3. thehungrydude

    tina, i have to have osha thai when i go up. AND im taking some to-go for friends.

  4. my mouth is mad watering right now

  5. thehungrydude

    this blog must be killing you. lol

  6. yoshinoya has hot sauce??

  7. they dont have hot sauce.

    they used to have spicy teriyaki sauce. but they dont have it anymore. They just add cayenne pepper to the teriyaki sauce now.

  8. donny lovesssss yoshiwawa. def a hungry MAN’s food.

  9. donny knows his food. 🙂

  10. chrisisstarvin

    yoshinoya, beeeff booowwwrrr! dang i want some now.

  11. this location yoshinoya is the bombizzle!
    707 E Huntington Dr, Monrovia – (626) 303-0408
    i swear! you think it’s only yoshinoya,, but for some reason this place is the best yoshinoya i’ve ever had and i live really close to 2 yoshinoyas. they even have kalbi! it’s more like a yoshinoya grill.

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