//Curry Style

I ended up at UCLA today earlier this evening having to scope out a location for an event this Saturday. After all that traffic and walking around the UCLA campus with my brother, hunger happened like whoa. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Well, honestly, you might ask “Aaron, when does hunger NOT happen to you?” which is true. I’m always at differnt levels of hunger. But what to eat at the moment? Westwood has a myriad places to eat, all of them good to varying degrees. Noodle Planet? Saks? Yamato? In N Out? Corner Deli? Zankou? Furaibo?

After driving around for a bit, earning glances from eager meter maids and overzealous cops on bicycles, I thought “F this bullcrap!” and headed over to good ol’ Sawtelle.

It’s always a toss-up when it comes to curry on Sawtelle. Hurry Curry or Curry House? It didn’t help that I passed by the parking entrance to Hurry Curry while thinking about this. Curry House it was.

One thing I appreciate about Curry House is that they usually has a rotating menu of experimental curry combinations. Some are a hit, some are a miss. Here’s today’s experiment. Seafood and Sausage curry (extra hot, of course).


Seafood and Sausage Curry, Extra Hot

Strips of squid, scallops, beans, thai chili peppers, and sausage all topped with shredded green onion, corn, and tomato. Interesting mix, but sadly not too interesting tastewise. Not to say this wasn’t good; Curry House curry is pretty good. This combination was a daring step into the unknown, and I appreciate this place for taking those steps. And no, this place’s “extra hot” tries but fails to register any real heat to me, even with eating the thai chili peppers.

My brother got the Menchi Katsu Curry, which is basically hamburger katsu with curry. Basic plate that can’t go wrong. No description necessary (or so I think. If you want more detail, let me know and I’ll gladly go “refresh my memory” by paying Curry House another visit).


Menchi Katsu Curry

Their regular curry is up there, though my personal preference is more towards Hurry Curry. The immediate difference between the two curry houses is the portion size. Curry House gives you just a little more, or so I believe. The service here is spotty sometimes. Today’s service was awesome. Last time I went, our group of eight was behind this translucent wall and we were hunting for servers all night. As far as parking goes, Curry House’s plaza has underground parking which makes it a little more easier to go to.For you dessert freaks, there’s also a Yogurtland and Beard Papas in the same plaza.

Good ol’ Sawtelle. Not too much variety though so I can’t head there often. If you like curry, there’s a Curry House in Little Tokyo too (along with orochon, daikokuya, shabu shabu, zencu, fatville lil tokyo, etc). The environment is different out on Sawtelle. Something about that area makes eating the same thing a different experience, and for that I’d gladly take a short trip out here, even if it’s just for some curry.

And Apologies for not being able to post in a while. It’s been a busy week, and it’s only getting busier. I thought I’d take a break and drop some taste on you in the form of a rich golden sauce commonly known as curry. My thoughts have been all over the place these days so pardon if this entry jumped around a bit.

Curry House
Sawtelle Blvd # 200
Los Angeles

(310) 479-8477

Eat well, Live well.



2 responses to “//Curry Style

  1. Mm! I always get their menchi katsu. so yummy!!

    one of these days, try Breed Street in East La (Boyle Heights?) just a street filled with mexican food vendors… dollar tacos (that are freaken DELICIOUS), sopes piled high, steamed tacos with SUPER tender lengua or cabeza, a bunch of drinks (in addition to horchata and jamaica, they also have mexican hot chocolate and a bunch others). SO GOOD!

  2. You just made me drool all over my laptop. damn you!!!!!! lol

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