This Week’s Highlights: Food, food & more food!

Yakiniku & Chicken plate with cabbage salad & rice

Yakiniku & Chicken plate with cabbage salad & rice

On Wednesday I decided to try Kuishimbo Restaurant for the first time with Crystal S. Kim(she wanted her full name on the blog). Week before I was her good samaritan and jumped her car(not actually beat it up, but juiced up her dead battery). In return she treated me out to some Kuishimbo. We were so excited to go. Everyone has been hyping it up for the past 2 weeks and I came with heightened expectations.

We ordered the Yakiniku(beef) & Chicken Plate. It came with cabbage salad(delicious dressing) and rice. As I ate my meal, I began to think “So whats so great about this? Am I missing something? Am I eating this incorrectly?”

[Crystal takes a moment to taste and ponder]

Crystal: I think were supposed to mix the rice into the plate with the salad.

Me: Are you sure? That’s just gonna taste like salad with rice mixed in it.

Crystal: I read on yelp somewhere that people did this.

[We both look around to see how other people are eating it]

Crystal: Look behind me. The person behind me is eating it just like us.

Me: I think she saw us do it and probably thinks thats the way you eat it.

[Both laugh and continue to eat]

Summary: I don’t get it. I really don’t. What’s all the hype about? I finished the plate but felt empty inside. It’s like eating Beard Papa’s without the filling. It’s like eating a Filet-o-fish without the tartar sauce. It’s like eating a california roll without the artificial crab meat. It’s like watching a movie that everyone hypes up before you watch it and after you watch it you’re left thinking “that’s it?!?!?!” Don’t get me wrong. It tasted good. I just expected more thanks to all of you! Thanks for hyping it up! Just kidding. I love you guys. 🙂


3407 W. 6th Street #101A

Los Angeles, CA 90020

NEXT FEW STOPS: S Bar & Pipers Restaurant

Maui Pizza @ S Bar & Arang

Maui Pizza @ S Bar & Arang

For my best friend’s birthday we decided to hit up S Bar located in Koreatown(Los Angeles) and order the usual “Maui Pizza”. You’re thinking “hmmm..korean bar…maui pizza…suspicious”.  But do not fear! It actually tastes pretty darn good. Thin crust topped with cheese, green peppers, red peppers, onions, pineapples and shrimp. It actually goes quite well with their Kiku Sake(720ml – $28). I haven’t met a single person that doesn’t like it. But then again I only hang out with a bunch of lards. 🙂

Afterwards, we headed on over to Piper’s. Popular 24 hour diner for drunk party animals and cops. Strange, but true. At this point, I was really craving some pancakes but I also wanted hash browns, eggs sunny side up and steak. So I got it all.

Pipers Steak, Eggs, Hash Browns & Pancakes

Pipers Steak, Eggs, Hash Browns & Pancakes

We came here because thefooddude said they have a Steak, Hash Brown, Eggs & Toast special for $8.99. GOOD DEAL! I just added the pancakes for $2 more. Moments like these I say “What the heck why not?!?”

I’ll choose Pipers over Denny’s ANYDAY.

By the way, they have a drinking spot right next to Pipers. Excellent selection of beers. Great food(of course because its from the Pipers kitchen). Owned by the same owners of Pipers.

Pipers Restaurant

222 N. Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90004

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Til next time, ciao!

“I eat to live to eat again”

– thehungrydude


2 responses to “This Week’s Highlights: Food, food & more food!

  1. yummy! i want maui pizza
    and everything else on this website

  2. i remember many years ago we went to pipers and i ordered the beef goulash. after ordering it, i passed out and you ended up eating my goulas. you said you’ll never eat it again, cause it’s the worst thing throwing back up! lol! ahhhh memories!

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