Orochon vs Daikokuya: Battle of the Ramens! Fight!

Orochon Ramen

Orochon Ramen

Daikokuya Ramen

Daikokuya Ramen

– This was a post I put up on Facebook a couple months back. Just wanted to share this post with the rest of you, our FoodFu family –

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When I first stepped into Orochon, I was amazed that people actually waited in line for ramen. For me, ramen was a bag of Shin ramen or Neoguri ramen cooked in my kitchen added with eggs and spam. Sometimes I garnished it with some green onions or added rice after I had finished the noodles. That was my idea of ramen. Orochon changed my Ramenology. I ordered the Miso Ramen Hyper 1. As soon as the server placed the steaming ramen in front of me, I knew this would change my life forever. My first bite sent signals to my brain that it was hot. Then the spice started to creep down my throat and eventually started to make my lips throb. I sneezed hard! But it was a goooood sneeze. The type of sneeze that forced me to clear my nose and take another bite. Before I knew it, I had gulped down the soup as if it was my last meal. Since then I’ve been an Orochon spokesperson. Writing on http://www.yelp.com, blogs and uploading pictures onto Facebook, I have become a self-proclaimed food critic. Alias: thehungrydude.

One day, a japanese/korean friend named Hideo suggested that I try Daikokuya. He said it was to die for. At first I was thinking, what does this little boy know about food? But then again, who am I? Danny Zagat? I decided to try it.

Both located near Downtown LA, people have been raving about these two spots for years. After being a loyal Orochon fan, I’ve decided to put Daikokuya Ramen to the test. Some dare to claim that Daikokuya is better than Orochon. My taste buds needed proof. So I set out today with my food buddy Aaron to see what all the hype was about.

At first I got really frustrated trying to look for parking. I decided to park in the structure (cost me $6 bucks…grrrrrrrr…this ramen better be worth it). Walked inside and sat at the bar. As soon as I sat down, I saw a menu with a picture of the infamous Daikoku Ramen. It looked like ramen in beef broth soup. We were seated right next to the fryer so my pores began to open up, releasing the last drops of my sweat. As I waited, I decided to read the description of my soon-to-be ramen lover. The soup base is made out of pork bones and they cook it for a whole day. Then they add this egg that has been sitting in soy sauce all day mixed with onions, bamboo shoots and ur basic ramen noodle.

Finally the cook brought over my lover. My first bite: hmmmm interesting. My second bite: ooOOooo not bad. My third bite: O GAWD NOOOOO! Am I cheating on my first love Orochon?!?!?! Fourth bite: slurpppppppp. *downing soup*.

*ten minutes later*

WOW! That seriously hit the spot! Orochon who?

Seriously, I really can’t compare the two. Both are unique in its own way. How can you compare a spicy ramen with a ramen with day old pork bone soup? They’re in two totally different categories.


I have YET to eat at another place that will top these two lovers of mine.

Orochon, do you mind the threesome? I think not! There’s always room for two in my cheating stomach >:)


123 S Onizuka St

Los AngelesCA 90012

(213) 617-1766



327 E 1st St

Los AngelesCA 90012

(213) 626-1680


Til next time, ciao!

“I eat to live to eat again!” – thehungrydude


5 responses to “Orochon vs Daikokuya: Battle of the Ramens! Fight!

  1. i suppose you´ve tried the fried rice at orochon. if not, you shoul its really good. and a great companion for the ramen

  2. Orochon fails hard. From the weeaboo clientele to the flavorless broth, it should be avoided. I took some of the soup base home (Special 2) and the chili powder contents separated from the broth, showing that it’s a simple quick gimmick that’s not worth the wait.

    Go to Chin-Ma-Ya (2nd floor of that Plaza) for a proper tantan-men. Daikokuya’s House Ramen is also good, albeit heavy, especially during the winter time.

  3. Fried rice is a must esp with the ginger. mmmmmmmm! Got me all hungry again!

  4. try this i heard its better than daikokuya and orochen!

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