My post from Yelp!: Pho 87 in Downtown LA

Pho with brisket (picture taken by Christina O. on yelp)

Pho with brisket (picture taken by Christina O. on yelp) – Christina O.’s Yelp page

Honestly, there aren’t any good Pho restaurants in Koreatown that can compare to Pho joints in Alhambra and Westminster. I’m so sick of koreanized Pho. I don’t go to a Vietnamese owned Korean restaurant(I doubt it exists) so why go to a Korean owned Pho restaurant? What the Pho, right?

The next best thing to Alhambra near Koreatown is Pho 87.

So, I walked in here one day after a LONGGGGGGGGGGG night in Koreatown with my Vitamin Water(alleve and Pepcid AC) in one hand and my damaged liver in the other looking like the deformed beast in 300.

Sat down and ordered my Pho with Brisket.

Server: someshing to dwink?
Me: *groan* iced water. lots please. *head on table*
Server: ty sch  bàn nàycái! (clean this table!)

Honestly, I used an english to vietnamese translating website to write this. I have no idea what he really said but I saw some other guy come like a ninja and wash the next table. So I’m assuming that’s what he said.

*10 seconds later Pho arrives*

The server came walking down the aisle like he was my bride to be. He held that bowl of Pho like a bouquet of roses. Quite the heavenly image right?

*adding cilantro, bean sprouts, Sriracha hot sauce, and Hoisin Sauce*

I devoured that bowl like a zombie chewing on fresh bodies in 28 Weeks Later.

Excellent Pho. Cured the pho-king hangover. Happy zombie. 🙂

*smiling with brisket between teeth*

Pho 87

1019 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 227-0758

I eat to live to eat again! – thehungrydude


2 responses to “My post from Yelp!: Pho 87 in Downtown LA

  1. i’m glad you were able to give a great review of pho 87. it’s honestly one of my favorite spots and i’d hate to see anyone bad mouth it, for any reason. tr y to stop by during the summer. you’ll find, pho 87 is one of the few pho places that has a great AC. lol. i kind of found that to be funny but it’s a beautiful thing!! thanks, also, for letting me know that you used my photo. i’m honored =p

  2. no problem! thank you for the photo!

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