thehungrydude’s Kryptonite #2: Burgers

Seriously, I absolutely LOVE burgers. Buffalo burgers, regular beef burgers, sirloin burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, spam burgers(ooo spam…wait til thehungrydude’s kryptonite #3…coming soon), and ostrich burgers(don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). My Kryptonite #2 is a nice juicy burger with all the fixins.

Just to name a few burger joints:

  1. In-n-out : Cheeseburger with animal style fries and vanilla shake.
  2. Apple Pans: Hickory Burger with fries and banana cream pie.
  3. Father’s Office: I just listed this place because a lot of you enjoy it. For me, it’s just ok.
  4. Fatburger: Fatburger with eggs, and steak fries.
  5. Carl’s Jr: Guacamole Six Dollar Burger and fried zucchini.
  6. Tommy’s Original World Famous Hamburgers: Chili burger and chili fries.
  7. The Fix: Ostrich Rodeo Burger with sweet potato fries and oreo shake. As Cindy would say, ” BOMB.COM!!! “

When I can’t think of anything to eat, I eat a burger. When I wake up hungover and I’m craving something greasy, I eat a burger. When I’m short on time and I have to eat in the car, I eat a burger. When I’m short on cash, I eat a burger. When I just want to eat alone, I eat a burger.

Think about this way, one of my fondest memories in elementary school was when my grandma would take me to McDonalds and I would order 3 Big Macs with large fries. Then I would ask for some sweet and sour sauce so I can dip my fries in it. As I got older, I found out about their honey mustard sauce. Then I even got more advanced and poured sweet and sour sauce onto my Big Mac. Basically I grew up on McDonalds from elementary school to high school. After high school I found out about the other burger spots and expanded my burger knowledge. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just my knowledge that expanded. Moving right along!

Couple weeks ago, my friend Sunny called me up and invited me to a BBQ(it was this past Sunday). She’s entering a burger contest so she wanted me and some other friends to try out her recipe. I didn’t even give it a second thought. I immediately asked “When and where?” I started to immediately salivate and fantasize about what kind of burger she was going to make. If you ask those around her, they will all say that she is a great cook. I personally think she should go to a culinary school but she said she just enjoys cooking for friends and family. I can respect that(yay for me!).

It took around 45 minutes to drive over to her house. I spent the whole drive there daydreaming about stuffing my face with her burgers.

*Yoda’s voice* Hungry beast, I am. Hmmmmmmm?

Seriously, I do a mean impression of Yoda. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would upload a video of myself saying that. That would be awesome. Or maybe not. My friends would probably disown me. I’d go into depression and eat burgers all day and night. My fingers would become too fat for me to type, thus ending Food-Fu. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I won’t do it! I can’t imagine the day that I press the letter “i” and I see “uio”. Oh haiiiiiiiil no.

[Composing myself]

Ahem…that was interesting. So back to Sunny’s burgers.

As soon as I got there, I saw this.

Sunny grillin the patties with cheese on top

Sunny grillin the patties with cheese on top

Who said women can’t grill?!?!?!? Seriously those patties were grilled to perfection. Perfect grill marks and the taste…..good lord! I’ll explain later. The patties are marinated with her secret sauce and she used two types of cheese. One was white cheddar and the other was gruyere cheese.

Since I drove 45 minutes through traffic, Sunny let me go ahead and eat first.


One on bun she spread garlic mayonnaise. On the other bun she spread her own thousand island-like spread. Then I added some apple smoked bacon.


Then added grilled onions and red onions.


Then lettuce and tomato.


Now that’s a SERIOUS burger. I had a hard time trying to fit that in my mouth.

As soon as I bit into the burger, all sorts of thoughts flew around in my brain. I tasted the apple smoked bacon, both the delicious spreads, the crunchy lettuce, cold fresh tomato, caramelized onions, and fresh crisp red onions. Where’s the patty and cheese???? I looked at my burger and I didn’t even graze the patty and cheese.

Next bite was ORGASMIC. My first thought was “Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Sunnnnnnnnnnnnny! Will you marry me?!?!?!”

If the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is true, then I’m hearing wedding bells. Sunny, keep those burgers coming. I’ll be saving up for a ringpop baby! What flavor you want girl?!? I got apple, grape, cherry…you name it! I got chu!

But seriously, the patty with the two cheeses was SO good. And when you add all the other ingredients, I can easily see her taking that trophy home real soon. This is by far one of the best burgers I’ve had. Especially when it’s grilled over charcoal and the ingredients are made from scratch at home, what can beat that? She put love into these burgers and my heart was pumping. *Heart throbbing uncontrollably*

Now usually I would post up the address of where you can get what we eat, but not this time. Sorry fellas. 😦 But! I am taking applications if you want to date her. Just remember to slip in a Benjamin Franklin with the application. I’ll put in a good word for ya. 🙂

thehungrydude’s kryptonite #3 coming soon to a blog near you!

Til next time, ciao!

I eat to live to eat again! – thehungrydude


4 responses to “thehungrydude’s Kryptonite #2: Burgers

  1. damnit whyyyyy! i’m so hungryyyyyyy!!!

    (i’d kill you if not for the tommy’s burger sitting in my fridge, waiting for lunch)

  2. hahahaha i hate myself for writing this entry. Now I’M hungry!

  3. thanks danny! wow, it means a lot to me! it’s such a huge compliment! next time i’m gonna make bulgogi flavored burgers with the same beef patties!

  4. BOMB.COM!!!! hahahahaha~ juds was the first to say that to me 🙂
    but dizzzzamnnnn~that burger looks mighty tasty!! yummmz in yo belly!

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