This Week’s Find: Boiling Crab

thehungrydude Experience: Crawfish & Shrimp Heaven

Sunday is my “eat whatever I want” day. I used to workout 4-5 times a week and a trainer told me once “Make sure you have one day out of the week to eat whatever the heck you want. If you don’t do that, then you’ll eventually cave and end up eating whatever you want every single day.” Basically I engrained in my brain that Sunday was the day to eat whatever I desired.

Today is Sunday and I’m on a mission to find the tastiest, easy on the wallet, and enjoyable meal ever.

Phone Conversation:

Me: What do you feel like eating?

A.K.: Let’s go to Boiling Crab.

Me: Is it any good?

A.K.: OMG you haven’t tried Boiling Crab??!?!? We have to go! It’s so good!

Me: How much is it per person?

A.K.: I checked on Yelp and it has two dollar signs. One dollar sign is really cheap. Two dollar signs is ok.

Whatever what “ok” equals into a dollar amount, my mind was set to go. So CY, CC, AK and I headed out to Alhambra, CA for some Boiling Crab. One piece of advice, let someone that drives safely drive. The way back home might make you want to puke after you eat all those shrimps and crawfish.

[At our destination in 15 minutes. HUGE crowd waiting outside]

Me: What the hell? Hurry up and put our name on the list. I need to pee!

[After 45 minutes server calls us in and we get seated]

The aroma of the seafood overwhelms me. My stomach begins to make hunger sounds. My mouth waters. My nose flares. My eyes pop wide open to see what people are eating.  My ears attentive to what others are ordering.

Tips and Rules for Boiling Crab

1. Wear the bib. You’ll need it. Maybe you’re an expert crawfish cracking master but do you trust those you came with?

2. Prepared for your hands to be completely drenched in butter, garlic, and seasoned sauce.

3. There are no plates.

4. Seafood comes in a bag full of seasoning, butter and garlic.

5. Don’t get the sweet potato fries.

6. Be prepared to wait a long time.

As soon as I posted on Facebook that I was going to Boiling Crab, I had immediate responses and tips for this joint. I listened to all of you and I thank each and every one of you for the advice.

Amongst the 4 of us we ordered 2 pounds of shrimp, 1 pound of crawfish, 1/2 dozen oysters, cajun fries, and 5 corns(they throw the corn in the bag with the seasoning. soooooo delish!)

The cajun fries were crisp and seasoned to utter perfection. Killed more than half of the basket before our food came out.

Then the server brought a plastic bag full of shrimps and crawfish with “the whole shabang” seasoning. There are 4 types of seasoning. Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter and  The Whole Shabang(combination of the first 3 seasonings and most recommended). We asked for medium spicy but quite honestly, it wasn’t spicy enough. For you spice experts, ask for the spicy seasoning.

[Warning: The following content is inappropriate for readers under 18. Please skip to the bottom of the blog.]

The crawfish was quite a bit of work for that little piece but it was well worth it. I dipped the crawfish into the bag full of seasoning and tossed it into my mouth. As my tongue was introduced to all 3 seasonings, spices and garlic my face began to flush red. I felt a rush through my spine from my neck to my lower back. I was in utter flavor euphoria. Is this what crack addicts feel when they take their first hit? I instantly became an addict to the sauce. Without knowing I began to lick the sauce off my fingers and dug my hand into the bag for more.

Before I knew it, my hands were drenched in sauce and my face was splattered with crawfish guts. Then I tried the shrimp. Succulent, juicy, tender and steaming hot. Just the way I like it. Am I in seafood heaven? Quite possibly.

Then we ordered a basket of sweet potato fries. Don’t order it. It doesn’t go well with the seafood. Stick with the cajun fries. The oysters were average. Nothing to rave over.

[Tapping out]

Bag full of shrimps, seasoning, and corn

Bag full of shrimps, seasoning, and corn

Inside the bag. Shrimps, crawfish and corn.

Inside the bag. Shrimps, crawfish and corn.

Cajun Fries

Cajun Fries

Half Dozen Oysters

Half Dozen Oysters


Experience: 4 stars: Waiting almost an hour dropped it 1 star

Taste: 4 stars: Would have been 5 stars but didn’t enjoy the Sweet Potato Fries

Price: 5 stars: It cost us $15 per person(including the tip)

Overall, you can’t beat the combination of the price, taste, and quantity of food compared to other seafood restaurants. You really get your moneys worth here.

The Boiling Crab

742 W Valley Boulevard
AlhambraCA 91803

Boiling Crab is currently located only in California and Texas.

– Special thanks to Ann for suggesting the Boiling Crab –

Til next time, ciao!

“I eat to live to eat again!” – thehungrydude


This Week’s Highlights: Food, food & more food!

Yakiniku & Chicken plate with cabbage salad & rice

Yakiniku & Chicken plate with cabbage salad & rice

On Wednesday I decided to try Kuishimbo Restaurant for the first time with Crystal S. Kim(she wanted her full name on the blog). Week before I was her good samaritan and jumped her car(not actually beat it up, but juiced up her dead battery). In return she treated me out to some Kuishimbo. We were so excited to go. Everyone has been hyping it up for the past 2 weeks and I came with heightened expectations.

We ordered the Yakiniku(beef) & Chicken Plate. It came with cabbage salad(delicious dressing) and rice. As I ate my meal, I began to think “So whats so great about this? Am I missing something? Am I eating this incorrectly?”

[Crystal takes a moment to taste and ponder]

Crystal: I think were supposed to mix the rice into the plate with the salad.

Me: Are you sure? That’s just gonna taste like salad with rice mixed in it.

Crystal: I read on yelp somewhere that people did this.

[We both look around to see how other people are eating it]

Crystal: Look behind me. The person behind me is eating it just like us.

Me: I think she saw us do it and probably thinks thats the way you eat it.

[Both laugh and continue to eat]

Summary: I don’t get it. I really don’t. What’s all the hype about? I finished the plate but felt empty inside. It’s like eating Beard Papa’s without the filling. It’s like eating a Filet-o-fish without the tartar sauce. It’s like eating a california roll without the artificial crab meat. It’s like watching a movie that everyone hypes up before you watch it and after you watch it you’re left thinking “that’s it?!?!?!” Don’t get me wrong. It tasted good. I just expected more thanks to all of you! Thanks for hyping it up! Just kidding. I love you guys. 🙂


3407 W. 6th Street #101A

Los Angeles, CA 90020

NEXT FEW STOPS: S Bar & Pipers Restaurant

Maui Pizza @ S Bar & Arang

Maui Pizza @ S Bar & Arang

For my best friend’s birthday we decided to hit up S Bar located in Koreatown(Los Angeles) and order the usual “Maui Pizza”. You’re thinking “hmmm..korean bar…maui pizza…suspicious”.  But do not fear! It actually tastes pretty darn good. Thin crust topped with cheese, green peppers, red peppers, onions, pineapples and shrimp. It actually goes quite well with their Kiku Sake(720ml – $28). I haven’t met a single person that doesn’t like it. But then again I only hang out with a bunch of lards. 🙂

Afterwards, we headed on over to Piper’s. Popular 24 hour diner for drunk party animals and cops. Strange, but true. At this point, I was really craving some pancakes but I also wanted hash browns, eggs sunny side up and steak. So I got it all.

Pipers Steak, Eggs, Hash Browns & Pancakes

Pipers Steak, Eggs, Hash Browns & Pancakes

We came here because thefooddude said they have a Steak, Hash Brown, Eggs & Toast special for $8.99. GOOD DEAL! I just added the pancakes for $2 more. Moments like these I say “What the heck why not?!?”

I’ll choose Pipers over Denny’s ANYDAY.

By the way, they have a drinking spot right next to Pipers. Excellent selection of beers. Great food(of course because its from the Pipers kitchen). Owned by the same owners of Pipers.

Pipers Restaurant

222 N. Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90004

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Til next time, ciao!

“I eat to live to eat again”

– thehungrydude

//Curry Style

I ended up at UCLA today earlier this evening having to scope out a location for an event this Saturday. After all that traffic and walking around the UCLA campus with my brother, hunger happened like whoa. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. Well, honestly, you might ask “Aaron, when does hunger NOT happen to you?” which is true. I’m always at differnt levels of hunger. But what to eat at the moment? Westwood has a myriad places to eat, all of them good to varying degrees. Noodle Planet? Saks? Yamato? In N Out? Corner Deli? Zankou? Furaibo?

After driving around for a bit, earning glances from eager meter maids and overzealous cops on bicycles, I thought “F this bullcrap!” and headed over to good ol’ Sawtelle.

It’s always a toss-up when it comes to curry on Sawtelle. Hurry Curry or Curry House? It didn’t help that I passed by the parking entrance to Hurry Curry while thinking about this. Curry House it was.

One thing I appreciate about Curry House is that they usually has a rotating menu of experimental curry combinations. Some are a hit, some are a miss. Here’s today’s experiment. Seafood and Sausage curry (extra hot, of course).


Seafood and Sausage Curry, Extra Hot

Strips of squid, scallops, beans, thai chili peppers, and sausage all topped with shredded green onion, corn, and tomato. Interesting mix, but sadly not too interesting tastewise. Not to say this wasn’t good; Curry House curry is pretty good. This combination was a daring step into the unknown, and I appreciate this place for taking those steps. And no, this place’s “extra hot” tries but fails to register any real heat to me, even with eating the thai chili peppers.

My brother got the Menchi Katsu Curry, which is basically hamburger katsu with curry. Basic plate that can’t go wrong. No description necessary (or so I think. If you want more detail, let me know and I’ll gladly go “refresh my memory” by paying Curry House another visit).


Menchi Katsu Curry

Their regular curry is up there, though my personal preference is more towards Hurry Curry. The immediate difference between the two curry houses is the portion size. Curry House gives you just a little more, or so I believe. The service here is spotty sometimes. Today’s service was awesome. Last time I went, our group of eight was behind this translucent wall and we were hunting for servers all night. As far as parking goes, Curry House’s plaza has underground parking which makes it a little more easier to go to.For you dessert freaks, there’s also a Yogurtland and Beard Papas in the same plaza.

Good ol’ Sawtelle. Not too much variety though so I can’t head there often. If you like curry, there’s a Curry House in Little Tokyo too (along with orochon, daikokuya, shabu shabu, zencu, fatville lil tokyo, etc). The environment is different out on Sawtelle. Something about that area makes eating the same thing a different experience, and for that I’d gladly take a short trip out here, even if it’s just for some curry.

And Apologies for not being able to post in a while. It’s been a busy week, and it’s only getting busier. I thought I’d take a break and drop some taste on you in the form of a rich golden sauce commonly known as curry. My thoughts have been all over the place these days so pardon if this entry jumped around a bit.

Curry House
Sawtelle Blvd # 200
Los Angeles

(310) 479-8477

Eat well, Live well.


thehungrydude’s Kryptonite #1: Yoshinoya

Beef & Chicken Combo Bowl with spicy sauce and no skin

Beef & Chicken Combo Bowl with spicy sauce and no skin

Everyone has that ONE, or TWO kryptonite ghetto meals they crave once in awhile. It’s that one thing that no matter how many calories it may have or how bad it may be for your health, you HAVE to eat it at least once a week, or once a month, or once a year. But you have to have it. For me, I have several ghetto joints that I crave for but this one takes the number 1 spot.


I know. This is not what you expected from a food blog. You’re thinking, “YOSHINOYA?!? Did thehungrydude already run out of material for this blog?!?! It’s only day 2!!!”

I really believe Yoshinoya deserves its own entry. Seriously. Any Yoshinoya fans out there? This is my ghetto kryptonite. I can’t deny it. I WON’T deny it.

So what do I order? I order the Beef & Chicken Combo bowl with spicy sauce and no skin. They used to make their own spicy sauce but now they just add cayenne pepper to the teriyaki sauce. And “no skin” meaning I want the chicken “skinless”. Simple right? For some reason, eating the chicken without the skin makes me feel like I’m eating a LITTLE bit more healthier. Then I shower it with their seasoning. Lastly, I pile on a whole lotta ginger. Look at the picture above. That’s taken with my Blackberry. Not bad eh? Maybe one day I’ll start a Blackberry pictures blog. Woops, got off track. Thanks ADD! Anyways, if stomach willing, I’ll get the combo with a cheesecake. For some reason, the cheesecake COMPLETES the meal.

Wash that meal down with some Diet Pepsi(once again, trying to justify eating a 1000+ calorie meal) and I’m good to go. Of course, I’ll have indigestion and heart burn all day but I won’t remember that the next time I crave Yoshinoya.

Til next time, ciao!

“I eat to live to eat again!” – danny aka thehungrydude

P.S. By the way, two people that read my entry about Dino’s is at Dino’s right now devouring the chicken plate. Dino’s, you can thank me later. Maybe an advertisement on our blog? Or a free chicken plate? Or two? A soda maybe? lol

Chicken Fu – Dak Galbi style.

Sunday night. I was just waking up from a nap I needed in recovery of a hectic Saturday night and my appetite started kicking in. A quick check on the blackberry shows a few missed calls and bbms (btw, if you haven’t tried out the unoffical bbm 5.0, try it now). I start the round of callbacks and the first person happens to ask me if I want to try dakgalbi.

Although I’ve heard many of my friends talk about dakgalbi (roughly translates to chicken ribs), I’ve never had the opportunity to go. CS mentioned it was her favorite place for chicken so naturally I was curious as to what her tastes were like. Yea, screw calling back the rest of these people. I’m gonna go eat dakgalbi!

When I’d got to the restaurant, CS had already ordered and the dakgalbi was already on the grill. At first glance, it didn’t seem like much. Then again, I would’ve been happy eating whatever was thrown at me at this point, cooked or raw.

dakgalbi 7-19-09(Pictured: chicken, rice cake, carrots, and sweet potato)

At this point, I’m collecting my drool in a cup of ice because I’m growing hungrier by the second (I exaggerate, but I sure as hell could have). Salmonella, which is one of the very few food-related things I fear, prevents me from just taking samples as the chicken cooks. After a few more minutes on the pan, the server comes by and adds a few more ingredients.

dakgalbi2 7-19-09(Cabbage, onions, and chili sauce in the mix)

dakgalbi 3 7-19-09(Sesame leaves and green onion joins the party)

And, in it’s somewhat finished state,

dakgalbi4 7-19-09

At this place, they come by when you’re almost done and make bokkumbap out of some of your “leftovers.” This extra touch isn’t exclusive to this location, but it’s nice to know they put in that little extra.

dakgalbi 7-19-09

For two people, I think we did a fair amount of damage. I’m not as prone to my old ways of eating monstrous amounts as I used to be, so there were some leftovers.

And now here I am. Still needing to call back some people, but fairly satiated. I’d taken a few bits of food off the Dino’s I picked up for my brother while meeting Danny there.

This place reasonably hit the spot. It was ok. Worth a try, but honestly I can’t say it was something to rave over. It was nice how we could specify the spice level of the food (CS learned that I wasn’t kidding when I told her I can eat pretty spicy, to a level some of you might be well aware of). The sides were average, as was the service. Everyone else in the restaurant (two other tables) got aprons except us. I have to wonder if it’s because I was dressed so comfortably in my basketball shorts and t-shirt while everyone else was in their khakis and polos.

Now I really want to try the other dakgalbi place a couple people mentioned, just to see how good this can get. There’s nothing I can really compare this to so there wont be any rating on my scale, for now.

Dakgalbi (Sign is only in Korean)
3078 W Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Parking is street/metered/valet.

Average cost per person: $20

Eat well, live well.

-Aaron aka thefooddude

Grease Joint of the Week: Dino’s


I was craving something greasy all day so for lunch I headed on over to Burger King to get me a Whopper(no mayo) with small fries. I guess it wasn’t greasy enough because as soon as 10pm hit, my grease cravings came back. I was thinking “Carl’s Jr? Nahhh. I just had a burger for lunch. Yoshinoya? Not greasy enough.”

Then my friend mentioned she had Dino’s for dinner. DING DING DING! I messaged “thefooddude” and headed on over to Dino’s. For you Angelenos(nickname for those who live in Los Angeles), Dino’s a regular mom n pops chicken joint we grew up eating. I somewhat forgot how it tasted so I wasted no time heading on over. As soon as I got to Dino’s I noticed that everyone was BIG. MY KIND OF GREASE JOINT! That’s a good sign that they haven’t lost their touch. Foods going to taste exactly how it tasted when I ate here a year ago.

Ordered the usual chicken plate. It comes with rice, soggy fries, coleslaw and tortillas. As soon as I opened the box my stomach started to twitch. The stomach was happy knowing I’d be satisfying his grease cravings. My stomach is a complete grease addict. Maybe I’ll take him to a Grease Anonymous meeting one day but until then, we must indulge.  *evil laugh*

I opened the hot tortilla and stuffed it with rice, chicken, and fries. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Completely hit the spot. My tastes buds were in flavor heaven. I wanted to stand up on the table and start robot dancing but instead I robot danced in my head. Finished half of the meal and taking the rest to go. It’ll make a great midnight snack. 🙂

Here’s the info:


2575 W Pico Blvd
Los AngelesCA 90006

thehungrydude gives this spot 4.5 stars (compared to other grease joints)

til next time, ciao!

– danny aka thehungrydude